Our mission: Improve health in isolated communities

Our mission is to  reach isolated communities to promote health and provide provide basic health services, such as vaccinations. 
For the last ten years we have been building the Schooner Ixdos in Phuket, Thailand. The ship will be equipped with a mother and child health clinic, including appropriate trained staff and technology, and will be able to have access to remote islands, and inlets that are otherwise difficult to reach by land.

New location for finishing the ship

Our schooner has been moved to British International School Phuket (BISP) so that high school students and the school community can be more intensively involved in finishing this important project. 

BISP students are helping out

British International School IB CAS students are helping to smooth the surface of the ship so it will be seaworthy. 

How did MissionShip get started?

MissionShip started with one man's vision. Patrick Vickers tells how small beginnings can lead to great results.

"I've been sailing since a teenager and also served in the Navy. While working in Papua New Guinea for the Ministry of Health, I learned about children dying in isolated communities due to lack of vaccination."

"This inspired me to start building a schooner that could be used in vaccination campaigns. It has been a long project and still ongoing but with help of donations we will be able to support UNICEF and other organisations in their campaigns soon."

About 30 million children in the world are not immunised. Every minute 20 children die from common diseases because they have not been properly vaccinated.

"The schooner is important in order to keep the vaccine cold chain unbroken. The vaccines need to be stored in the cold at all stages of transportation. The schooner will have special freezers to make sure the vaccines are kept at optimum temperature."

Vaccination projects in full preparation

As soon as the schooner is finished we are starting our first campaigns to provide vaccines to islands in Thailand and Myanmar. NGOs and charities like MissionShip play an important role in vaccination campaigns around the world. 

UNICEF vaccination campaign in the Philippines

NGOs and charities helped UNICEF to vaccinate children in the Philippines after the 2013 typhoon.