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Running for Sails

My name is Paul Preen and I am teaching at the British International School. I have competed in several triathlons and cycling races around the world raising money for many charities over the years. However, this year I plan to focus on running. I will be competing in three marathons in order to raise money for just one charity. My first marathon will be in Tokyo on 22 February, followed by Phuket and then Bangkok. All the money raised will go towards buying the sails and masts needed for the Schooner IXDOS to set sail from Phuket on a mission of hope. I am hoping that my efforts this year will get the ship finished so lives can be saved sooner than later.


Solar Cells

We will be implementing solar cells which can produce 100 watts of electricity enough to drive an electric pump. It will also be used to charge batteries on the ship.

We are very thankful to the BISP primary school for their cooperation and especially the Year 1s and 2s who have successfully helped us raised the funds at the pool in February 2015. We also thank IB CAS & Octopus and Boat Lagoon.


solar cell 2 solar cell

Schooner IXDOS Fund Raising Event!


The previous week was a very lively week for all of us. We’ve had a great enjoyable
event happening. The students of BISP Primary Years 1 and 2 have been supporting us
by helping to raise funds in order to build the ship. A big thank you for all the donations
we’ve received! Every single Baht is capable of saving lives and making dreams come
The primary students split up into many teams to paddle our dinghy in the swimming
pool. Their goal was 100 lengths but they managed a wonderful 226 lengths in total!
Thank you all for such a tremendous effort and thanks to everyone for all the hard
work. This brings nearer our dream of giving vaccinations to deprived islanders.

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