MissionShip is a charity project with the aim to provide health and medical service to the remote communities.

Schooner Ixdos at BISPP 

“The project is to build a small ship, we call it a medical ship. It will be a sailing ship with an auxiliary engine that will carry trained personnel, such as doctor, nurse, teacher, around the islands of the world, wherever we are needed, in the first instance to provide vaccines in accordance to the UNICEF campaign to vaccinate every child in the world. The vision of Ixdos came when I was working in remote Milne Bay of Papua New Guinea. There I was reminded how mission schooners used to operate in bygone years, carrying medicine, people and goods between the islands. But the schooners have gone, yet the problems remain, as I discovered while working for the PNG Health Service. When I approached the local UNICEF office they were overjoyed at the prospect of a new health mission ship to supplement and deliver to remote islands lacking clinics. Returning home I realized that perhaps I was the right person in the right place at the right time…My background as a seaman coupled with project and construction experience could lead to fulfillment of a dream to improve the lot of deprived islanders wherever they may be… Then came the opportunity to work as a teacher in an international school near the ocean at Phuket, Thailand. In my spare time I found a naval architect, sourced the necessary steel and materials, and started building. A host of friends and students joined in.” – Patrick Vickers


In principle, we align ourselves with the UNICEF Cold Chain Mission The vision of the UNICEF is that every inidvidual in the world will be able to benefit from the vaccines of assured quality delivered in the right amount and in the right time through the combination of efficient logistics, proper vaccine management and well-functioning “cold chain” system: a series of uninterrupted deliveries of the vaccines, between which they are kept at proper temperature.

Millions of children in the world were never given what one would think of as proper child vaccinations.

To set things right, IXDOS will transport a health clinic with appropriate professional staff to remote islands, after securing agreement with government health ministries, in order to administer childhood inoculations and in co-operation with agencies such as UNICEF and ROTARY INTERNATIONAL It will also carry a fully staffed mother and child clinic. Our anticipated first health missions will be in Papua New Guinea and Burma.

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20 children die every minute in this world because they lack what we think of as normal healthcare and vaccinations! We hope to make a difference, and with your help we will!

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