Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea faces some serious health challenges. Babies, children and mothers continue to die in large numbers from preventable causes. There’s poor drug distribution and the largely rural and remote population find it hard to access basic medical services. Key challenges – The rate of women dying from complications relating to childbirth is the highest of all the Pacific countries. – Nearly 7% of children do not live past their fifth birthday. – The life expectancy for men in PNG is only 53 years, for females it’s 54 years. – Malaria is widespread and is the major cause of death in children. – There is not enough qualified health workers in rural areas. – Distribution of medical supplies to rural provinces is especially difficult.


Myanmar (Burma)

In eastern Myanmar, health conditions have largely deteriorated due to constant conflict and state neglect. About 446,000 of refugees live on the border with Thailand in remote areas, displaced by the acts of human rights violations of the Burmese army and government.

Key challenges
– Villagers living in the remote areas face problems accessing medical assistance, and because it is dangerous for health workers to travel to these remote areas, things are gradually getting worse and worse.

– Out of 1000 children, 138 do not live to their fifth birthday. Common cause of death is malaria.

– 41% of children in Eastern Myanmar suffer from malnutrition.

– 60% of deaths of under-five children are caused by preventable, treatable diseases.

Only 1.8% of national budget is spent on healthcare.

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Wherever else we may help

IXDOS is not bound to provide relief just in certain areas. We can and we will reach out to people in remote areas, and islanders who were forgotten by the rest of the world to provide them medicine, health and relief.

– There are more than 2 million islands in the world.

– Approximately 100,000 of them are inhabitated.

– Many inhabitated islands do not have health clinics, and their populations have no access to common vaccines and medicine.