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Preventing dengue

There is no vaccine to prevent dengue. The best way to prevent getting the disease is to avoid being bitten by an infected mosquito.

Avoid being bitten by a mosquito by:

  • using insect repellent to avoid being bitten, especially around dawn and dusk  products containing N-diethylmetatoluamide (DEET) are effective, but products containing this ingredient should not be used in babies younger than two months and in lower concentrations in younger children (20-30% DEET)
  • wearing loose-fitting but protective clothing  mosquitoes are able to bite through tight-fitting clothes; trousers, long-sleeved shirts, and socks and shoes (not sandals) are ideal
  • sleeping under a mosquito net to avoid being bitten at night
  • be aware of your environment – mosquitoes that cause dengue breed in standing water in crowded urban environments; this can range from communal toilets to water that gathers inside a stack of old tyres


Phuket has a long history of dengue.


Dengue fever cases in Thailand near 15,000 for 2016 | Outbreak News Today



How this Canadian-designed mosquito trap could help fight Zika virus – CBC Radio (AND DENGUE)



The Modified Ovitrap – Dr. Gerardo Ulibarri –





We have taken this seriously on our medical mission ship.

CAS students and Year 9 tutor group students, including 2 Canadians,

have followed the advice of Canadian professor Gerardo Ulibarri

and have constructed an ovitrap which is now installed at the boat.

We will test it and see if we can change the epidemiology of dengue in Phuket!


2015 was an amazing year for our project.

We have at last felt able to announce a tentative completion date of Christmas 2016.

This has only been possible on account of the wonderful help we have received from students, parents and teachers in 2015.

Thank you Neil Richards, Kamolphan, Paul Wheatley, CAS students, Duke of Edinburgh Award students, Primary Years 1 and 2  M.A.D. students, Martin Carpenter, Peter Ferrier, Simon Meredith, Carey Christensen, Kathy Coulson, Jo Newton, Tim Parkes, Jonathan Clarke, Nigel Wheeler, Simon Ostheimer, Paul Preen, Rob, Jeff Fuller, Jeff Craigen, Malcolm Perry, Ian Wilkinson, Ben Jackson, Chaiya and Gai, Neet, Simon Aran, Matthew Isles, John Mark, Somkiet, Robin and Avril, Tim and Jo, Kerry, Brett and Rosemary, Mike and Jean, P. Chanwit, P. K, P. Joseph, P. Yai, Rev Mary Lou McKenney, Brothers of St Andrew, Don Cooley, Dick, Randy, John and Doll, Val Ignatius-Malia, Raju, Alan Yip, Isabella, O.B., Scott Bradley, Capt Scott, Sir Jock Slater, Sir David Dobson, Chris White, Samson, Dan and Donna Letton, Kevin Coyle, Craig Nelson, Howard, Nigel Nonkovic, Andy Johnson, Andrew and Donna, Jeroen Deknatel, Khun Luck, Khun Aree, the Burma boys, M/V Doulos, M/V Logos-Hope,

and many others…

The amazing Primary M.A.D. fund-raising event in February 2015 contributed Bt 65,000 which was then matched by teachers and students in the Secondary school.

Soon afterwards Paul Preen successfully completed the Tokyo marathon and through sponsorship raised another Bt 35,000 for our medical mission ship.

Amazing indeed and these funds enabled us to keep going throughout 2015.

Now into 2016 with a most encouraging early donation from Luca who shared his Christmas gift with us.

This was swiftly followed by the PIMEX boat show at Royal Phuket Marina,

Our CAS team together with the nurses of Mission Hospital presented our project at the booth which had been given to us. Altogether we managed to raise 20,000 Bt which has enabled building to continue at a steady pace.

Peter’s anchor-dragging warning device is a fascinating invention.

Claudia’s harness to allow effective towing is yet another exciting idea.

Tom and Somchai at Mission Hospital amazed us by donating a dentist’s chair for our clinic. This will also serve as an operating table.

Buoyed by this momentum we were cheered no end by the announcement from Craig of C & C Marine that he would donate a generator

Our friend and BISP grand-father Mani has offered to install the generator.

Then came a real contribution from Ralph in terms of 2 mast winches.

Throughout these early months our CAS students have laboured in desperately hot conditions. They have been helping to make bunk beds and to keep up the CAS painting tradition.

Mr & Mrs Wheatley have found a sponsor prepared to donate 16 mattresses for our bunk beds.

Our loyal Burmese team have increased their input whenever they can find time to help.

We are now building fibre-glass water tanks.

As Rocky prepares for his IB exams he has had to relinquish his sterling work on our web-site. Following in his foot-steps come James Essex and Tim Macintyre helping us maintain the web-site. This has a long tradition starting with my son Simon Aran in Wales, followed by Joni at BISP, then Denis now in U.S.A., and Rocky.

Thank you all again on behalf of those far-away children whose lives we seek to save through Vaccination.


Pimex 2016

Our mission ship booth at PIMEX with Mission Hospital, Phuket was an amazing experience.

Our IB CAS team together with Duke of Edinburgh International Award students helped put together the presentation of our project and their presence at the exhibit drew attention to their devotion to this project in which children are personally engaged in constructing a little ship to travel far and wide taking vaccines to island peoples lacking medical facilities.

The nurses from Mission Hospital carried out basic health checks on numerous visitors. At one stage they treated an emergency case when a visitor was overcome by the heat and lost consciousness.

Central to our booth was the large life size model of mast, sail and rigging from Rolly Tasker, Phuket. This was a constant reminder of our major need to complete the costruction of Schooner Ixdos.

Our wheel, binnacle and compass, kindly donated by O.B.Wetzel, Scott Bradley, and Captain Scott were on display together with the anchor-dragging warning invention by one of our CAS students, Peter Jensen.

The model of Schooner Ixdos created by renowned Phuket model boat builder, Tossaphon Chintana, which usually resides in our Headmaster’s study, was on prominent display.

Numerous UNICEF posters drew attention to the health needs of children which are the raison d’être of our mission.

A very big thank you to all the visitors who sought to encourage our determined endeavours and helped us raise 20,000Baht towards its completion.

Running for Sails

My name is Paul Preen and I am teaching at the British International School. I have competed in several triathlons and cycling races around the world raising money for many charities over the years. However, this year I plan to focus on running. I will be competing in three marathons in order to raise money for just one charity. My first marathon will be in Tokyo on 22 February, followed by Phuket and then Bangkok. All the money raised will go towards buying the sails and masts needed for the Schooner IXDOS to set sail from Phuket on a mission of hope. I am hoping that my efforts this year will get the ship finished so lives can be saved sooner than later.


Solar Cells

We will be implementing solar cells which can produce 100 watts of electricity enough to drive an electric pump. It will also be used to charge batteries on the ship.

We are very thankful to the BISP primary school for their cooperation and especially the Year 1s and 2s who have successfully helped us raised the funds at the pool in February 2015. We also thank IB CAS & Octopus and Boat Lagoon.


solar cell 2 solar cell