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What is Missionship?

Missionship once completed will provide basic health services, vaccinations and emergency support for isolated islanders wherever they may be worldwide. Missionship is not far off completion. Some more items need to be fitted before the ship can start its service to benefit people in isolated communities.

"My vision is to see Missionship set sail this year." - Patrick Vickers, Founder

New Approach to Healthcare

Nobody should be left untreated because of where they live. A few dollar vaccination or simple medicine can alleviate pain or heal many preventable diseases.

Anchored on the hope of a better future

Missionship is going to offer help to isolated communities without basic healthcare.

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We make sure that your donations are used with minimum overheads to help people in strategic locations

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Missionship is a charity which is building a sailing ship fitted with medical facilities to deliver health services to isolated islanders worldwide.






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